Chili Palmer's - one of the most selective entertainment business, specialized in music, fashion and humanitarian events around the Globe.

For decades Chili Palmer's and its specialists had initiated, created, realized, produced and co-produced and assisted hundred of selected events for huge masses of spectators, but also humanitarian and private events for EIP, VIP, Diplomats, Corporates and individuals.

Rhythm & Fashion (Urheberrecht 1982), a concept uniting music, singers, groups, fashion designer, models, make-up artists and more had been initiated by Chili Palmer's many years back, and today copied by so many organizers in Europe, USA and Asia.

As initiator of the Full Moon Parties 30 years ago, we are permanently creating new ideas for creative events.

As manager in music and fashion, Chili Palmer's had created some of the biggest music and model careers over the past. As very creative Photographer his renown is spread over the planet.
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the Story

Chili Palmer’s social engagements with the involvement of its artists friends and special networks throughout the world have been honored by the most important international humanitarian organizations and publishing companies.

Cooperated and organized humanitarian events with the following organizations
• UNV (United Nations Organization Volunteer)
• amFar
• AIDS Life Ball
• Breast Cancer Campaign
• Ministry of Sports & Youth Affairs
• Ministry of Social Services & Social Welfare
• Ministry of Tourism
• Drinking Water Campaign
• Malaria Campaign / Roll Back Malaria
• Tsunami victims relief
• Earthquake victims relief Indonesia
• Orphanages support

• Duke of Edinburgh Foundation
• and many others.